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Open Source Mask is an open, inclusive and non-profit masks-oriented platform. The project supports all the people around the world that are in distress due to the COVID pandemia by sharing open-source mask models.

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Open Source Mask Platform!

Open Source Mask aims to collect and share models that can be downloaded, printed, tested and upgraded by makers in all over the world. We believe in a widespread community that can reach the goal of a high-quality 3D model freely downloadable and printable in case of pandemic events. A better world, with less social iniquity, more local resilience wait us at the end of the pandemia if we follow the right paths.

Why Open Source Mask?

Community Collaboration

Join hands for a safer tomorrow, where every stitch in designing masks threads a bond of resilience and care.

Local Resilience

We foster community strength through mask-designing and initiate weaving unity and safety into the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Social Equity

We promote impactful initiatives empowering and uplifting communities for a more inclusive and just society.

Join the Mask-Making Movement

Be a part of our movement, contributing to safety and solidarity as we craft a healthier future together.

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Download your favorite patterns and bring them to life, showcasing your unique style while prioritizing health and well-being.

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Join our community, where we celebrate togetherness, support each other, and make a positive impact.

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Be a catalyst for positive change, as together we strive to make a lasting impact on communities that were troubled during COVID.

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